About Us

‘In 1982, the seeds of an idea were sown; an idea that was to change our lives’.

So begins Cutting the Dragon’s Tail, an autobiographical work which tells our story.

We were working in Southern Africa when we decided to change our lifestyle by constructing a Chinese Junk, Tin Hau.   Our intention was to sail to the Mediterranean and set up as a charter boat offering tourists the holiday of a lifetime.

The adventure story, of course, was in the journey.

Cutting the Dragon’s Tail was written to be of interest to those who know about boats, and want to learn more about Chinese Junks.   It contains a wealth of information and sound practical advice for the aspiring shipbuilder or seafarer.    The first part of the book is technical,  but written in an easily understood style.   Over three quarters of the book details the journey.

Sadly,  the physical edition is no longer available unless you happen to come across a secondhand copy on the internet.   (There are several available on Amazon).   However,  we have recently published a digital version for the Kindle and it is now available to buy or borrow on Amazon’s Kindle webstore.

The book is illustrated with many diagrams and maps,  though the constraints of size in e-book readers may well make them difficult to read.   There is a file of maps and diagrams here on the website to be used in conjunction with the e-book.  Reviewers of our physical edition described it as “a vivid, engaging and thoroughly entertaining account of the experiences of a couple who took to the seas in search of freedom and adventure”.