*06/03/2015 – Tin Hau changed hands last October.  She is still in Northern Cyprus but her new owner,  Jonathan, plans to take her to Dubai where he lives and works.

*26/06/2014 – The photo albums are filling up.   It may be a few days before I am able to complete the job.  Please call back to view additional material.

*25/06/2014 – I have a new web host for this site and am feeling my way with new web design options.  I have all the photos to transfer from the old host site but hope this will not be too long a job.

Tin Hau (now Gantocks) at anchor in Turkey

*01/06/2013 – Gantocks – that is Tin Hau under a new name – is up for sale.   Her third family have decided that it is time to move on after a number of summers afloat in the Mediterranean.   If you are in the market for a wonderful floating home – one that will take you anywhere in the world – look no further.

*26/02/2013 – No new material has been added to this site for a while and I am about to put up a few more pictures.

17/03/2012 – Cutting the Dragon’s Tail e-book is on special promotion today and tomorrow.

* 14/03/2012 – More photos have been added to the crew album and another album has been added today.

* 10/03/2012 – Cutting the Dragon’s Tail – the e-book –  has finally gone live in a format that is as accurate as I can make it.   There are all sorts of issues to take into account when working with digital images.    It has been a huge challenge.

* 09/03/2012 –  Having published the book on Amazon last weekend,  I found that all my ‘script and illustrations had been scrambled and it has taken me most of the week to sort it out.   Today I have,  finally,  managed to figure out why some of the maps and diagrams were still being turned upside down and have now corrected this and re-submitted the work for publication.

* 03/03/2012 – There are loads more pictures to upload,  Please come back and have another look.